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  • Pictured is the 4 oz matte black tin candle option in the scent of Cedar and Balsam
  • Pictured here are three size variations of Cedar and Balsam scented Onyx candles
  • Pictured is the 9 oz matte black option, with gold interior and wooden wick
  • 12 oz matte black ceramic candle, Cedar and Balsam scented
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Cedar and Balsam

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Picture freshly fallen snowflakes glistening beneath the light of a full winter moon. All is calm, the moon is bright, and the forest is briefly wrapped in a certain stillness that only winter nights can bring. Cedar and Balsam captures this woodsy dreamland perfectly.

Note Profile
Top: Champagne, Bergamot
Middle: Balsam, Cedar
Base: Pine, Juniper, Moss, Patchouli