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Onyx Candles started in 2020 as an experiment to create a candle that we were keen to light in our own home. We wanted a product that was utterly clean, immensely fragrant, and high-performing, a triad that we were struggling to find in the market.  We placed great importance on designing a candle that was classy, gender neutral, and inclusive.  So, we turned our kitchen into a chemistry lab, gathered as much information as possible, and performed countless trials.  The result is a beautiful product - Onyx Candles, the candles with a heart.

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  • At this point in our journey, our candles are supplying people with joy and comfort, both locally and across state (and international) lines. We’re grateful to partner with many wonderful vendors in the Twin Cities, and excited to explore opportunities to share our products with more lovely humans!

  • Onyx Candles clean, vegan, and well-designed. Hand lighting a candle.

Above all, we are committed to using our small business platform to give back to our Minnesota community. As Muslims we believe giving back is non-negotiable and that supporting others uplifts the entire community. We donate a portion of profits to local organizations that work with helping the unhoused population in Minnesota, and contribute our time regularly by volunteering in the community.

We are delighted with our products and look forward to seeing how our small business grows. Thank you for choosing Onyx Candles to bring light and fragrance to your home!

  • Onyx Candles: The Candle With A Heart
Onyx Candles Meet Wafa image with Wafa sitting on a couch in black and white

Wafa is the wonder woman behind Onyx Candles! The dreamer of cleaner home products, the founder of this woman-owned small business, and the maker of every product Onyx Candles offers. Wafa has always loved fragrance and been an avid candle consumer.

After realizing how much soot was produced by paraffin wax candles, she sought out soy wax alternatives and soon discovered that most soy wax candles were priced out of reach. Up for the challenge and mostly for the fun, Wafa decided to create a luxury soy wax candle. The end result? A hobby that quickly blossomed into a small business - selling beautiful products for all to enjoy, with a non negotiable mission to give back to the community. When she’s not hand pouring candles, Wafa is most likely spending time with her family, exploring the outdoors, or playing with her cats.

Meet Onyx the Cat, Inspiration for the name Onyx Candles. Black cat on a mauve background.

Onyx the Cat

Onyx came to our home as a kitten in May 2018. We adopted him from a rescue shelter and fell in love instantly - his wispy long black hair and tiny nervous body shakes won us over quickly. He has since matured into a majestic creature with the softest, most luxurious long black hair. He is beautiful, agile, extremely intelligent and a joy to be around. Take one look into his eyes when they are fully dilated and you’ll be enchanted. Onyx the cat is a vibe and it’s his striking, luxurious beauty that we wish to emulate with our brand, Onyx Candles.


We had two "musts" in mind when we started Onyx Candle Company - both were & always will be non negotiable:

• to provide the highest quality, clean candles for all, at a reasonable price

• to give back to our community by donating a portion of profits to local charities

Onyx Candles = LIGHT + LOVE

When you choose to shop Onyx Candles your purchase directly uplifts our Minnesota neighbors in need through our social give back model.